Mental Health and Other Vulnerabilities




An online interactive safeguarding training course with voiceover for anyone who comes into contact with a service user who may be suffering from a mental health condition or another vulnerability such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder. What is meant by Mental Health and detail a range of Mental Health disorders.

Course details:

  • How to identify when a service user may be suffering from a mental health condition or another vulnerability.
  • Appreciate the experience of mental disorders and other vulnerabilities from the perspective of service users and have an improved ability to interact appropriately.
  • How to respond to and manage challenging situations sensitively.
The course has been designed by a safeguarding expert with extensive experience in working with adults with a range of mental health conditions and direct work with children with ASD and trauma.

CPD accredited by a team of safeguarding experts. A personalised certificate will be made available to you on the completion of the course.

Pass Completion: 70%

Resits: Unlimited


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