Sport Club Audits

The latest amendments in safeguarding and wellbeing for sporting clubs have resulted in the fact that all sporting organisations now need to consider safeguarding risks beyond the sports club, staff, coaches, managers, volunteers and committees when creating their policies for not just themselves but for the players, fans, parents and everyone involved.

Keys to Safeguarding has consultants who specialise in sports safeguarding including a specialist arbitrator and National Safeguarding Panel member for Sports Resolution UK and a volunteer member of the England and Wales Cricket appeals board.

They recently have recently completed independent arbitration on discipline panels alongside audits, inspections and reviews for:

  • British Gymnastics
  • British Badminton
  • Basketball England
  • British Taekwondo
  • Muay Thai UK
  • Other major sporting organizations

It is important that your club’s policies and procedures are not only compliant with statutory and regulatory guidance, but also contextual in all recent updates and requirements.

Our safeguarding audit for a Sports Club is a full inspection of current processes, policies, and frameworks designed to highlight safeguarding risks within your sporting organisation.

You will then receive a written report to take away and implement to ensure the safety and wellbeing of people within your organisation.

No matter what size of your sporting club or level our safeguarding audits are all about ensuring that policy is as good as it can be and that those subject to it are following it properly.

Review of policies and procedure to ensure they reflect good practice and are in line with the latest legislative and regulatory requirements.

Keys to Safeguarding has several very experienced safeguarding auditors who are National Safeguarding Panel Members for Sports Resolution.

So, what can you expect from our safeguarding Sport Club Audits?

  • Review of whether the practice is in line with policies and procedures.
  • Consulting with staff and service users to ensure a good knowledge and understanding of safeguarding.
  • A comprehensive report with evidenced-based recommendations.

Our team offers invaluable industry knowledge and experience in sports resolution and investigation services in a range of sporting situations from grassroots to professional sporting clubs all the way to the elite, Olympic, or Paralympic sporting environments.

In our sporting club audits our team has been and can be used as mediators for grievance or compliance issues regarding any safeguarding, bullying, wellbeing or training issues.

Keys to Safeguarding can develop your policies and procedures whilst tailoring them to your specific sporting organisation and requirements so that you can demonstrate your commitment to safeguarding to any stakeholder, committee, board of trustees, governors, advisor or sporting body inspection team.

Our findings and suggestions will be provided in our investigation/audit reports.

The report can be used to support your organisation to create an inclusive and safe environment for all staff, coaches, managers, volunteers, committee, board members or trustees, players, fans, parents and everyone involved.

Action plans can also be discussed.

Depending on the size of your sports club an audit will take 2-3 days to complete.

Enquire below for more information, pricing and tailor-made audits for your sports club.

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