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Charity Trustees…. essentially your essential

We have recently seen the creation of a number of new charities that support the NHS and families affected by Covid-19. Well-meaning individuals create charities to support children and adults with vulnerability and then rush to cobble together safeguarding policies...

Easing of lockdown ruined my life

By Milly Wildish – Director of safeguarding at Keys to safeguarding There are so many media reports detailing the impact of lockdown on mental health and indeed for many, health anxiety and depression have been exacerbated by restrictions on our movement and the worry...

He will be the death of me

On average there are 2 domestic homicides in the UK each week. From the start of lockdown, there has been on average 5 domestic homicides in the UK. To my knowledge, all of the 16 suspected domestic murders that occurred between 23 March and 12 April were of women. Is...

Yeah…but it’s only banter!

Milly Wildish – Director of Keys to Safeguarding A good friend and teacher I have known for 20 years said ‘I can guarantee that ‘doing a Marler’ will have happened between mates as ‘banter’ already this week, and I can also 100% guarantee that some of the young people...

Welcome to Keys to Safeguarding

keys-to-safeguarding-01 We are proud to offer you a Keys to Safeguarding from the Education Office. Our Launch date is the 8th March 2020 where we aim to offer: Up to date news on the latest safeguarding issuesExtensive courses that are create for new topicsAccredited...

Managing allegations / CYPS and ‘LADO’ process

This course has been developed for those who manage allegations by children and young people against staff. Children’s services processed and thresholdsThe managing allegations frameworkMaking referrals and employers responsibilitiesHow to manage ongoing risk For more...

Introduction to safeguarding adults

This course has been developed for those who come into contact with adults with a vulnerability on an infrequent basis, for example a volunteer or administration at a health centre. Identify why safeguarding vulnerable adults training is so important for everyone...



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