Trafficking and Modern Slavery

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Our Trafficking and Modern Slavery CPD and training course is paramount for anyone who may come into contact with anyone who may have been trafficked or are the victim of modern-day slavery.

The Trafficking and Modern Slavery course includes:

  • Definitions of human trafficking and modern-day slavery
  • Recognising the warning signs of a victim in order to safeguard and support them
  • Recognising why organisations need to have a trafficking and modern-day slavery statement in order so that the National Referral Mechanism can be started by a first responder

The course helps you start to organise yourself and your organisation regarding raising awareness and information of Trafficking and Modern Slavery and addressing them in your work, employment, volunteering or social environment.

In addition to this, a former police officer that specialised in victims of Child Sexual Exploitation has developed this course.

Pass Completion: 70%

Resits: Unlimited

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