Sexually Harmful Behaviour


The aim of the Sexually Harmful Behaviour training course is to enable workers who are engaged in working with young people to develop skills and knowledge in order to identify sexually harmful behaviour and implement strategies to risk assess and manage the behaviour.

This course looks at:

  • Defining sexually harmful behaviour.
  • Recognising the expected sexual development of children from different age ranges.
  • What normal sexual behaviour is.
  • How to access and use the traffic light tool.
  • The grooming process.
  • Sexual Offences Act 2003.

The Sexually Harmful Behaviour course is CPD Accredited

Course Overview

This course will enable you to:

  • Develop confidence to engage with young people displaying sexually harmful behaviour.
  • Learn how to manage risks and recognise risk factors.
  • Learn how to promote positive behaviour.
  • Understand consent.
  • Recognise types of abuse.

Healthy sexual behaviours are:

  • Mutual
  • Consensual
  • Choice
  • Exploratory
  • No intent to cause harm
  • No power differentials

Problematic sexual behaviours are (not harmful):

  • Not age appropriate
  • One off incident or low key such as touching over clothing
  • Peer pressure
  • Spontaneous rather than planned
  • Self-directed e.g. Masturbation
  • Lack of intent to cause harm or level of understanding, or acceptance or responsibility
  • Other children irritated or uncomfortable but not scared
  • Other factors such as parents/carers and concerned and supportive

Harmful sexual behaviours are:

  • Not age appropriate
  • Elements of planning, secrecy, force or coercion
  • Power differentials e.g. age, size, strength, status
  • The response of others e.g. fear, anxiety, discomfort
  • The response of the child e.g. fear, anger, aggression
  • The child blames others and takes no responsibility
  • Frequent incidents of increasing frequency and disproportionate to other aspects of their lives
  • Not easily distracted, compulsive despite intervention
  • Other difficult behaviours, conduct disorders, anger, poor peer relationships

This course has been created and delivered by Milly Wildish, a child protection specialist who has worked in criminal and education settings. Milly is a national safeguarding panel member and is currently engaged in a large-scale independent investigation, into current and historical allegations of child abuse.

The Sexually Harmful Behaviour course is CPD Accredited

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