HBV, Forced Marriage and FGM

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An online interactive safeguarding training with voiceover for anyone working with children or adults who are at risk of Honour Based Violence, Forced Marriage or Female Genital Mutilation.

Therefore, this course covers:

  • The definitions of Honour Based Violence, FGM and forced marriage
  • Identifying those at risk and detailing the risk factors
  • Identifying the prevalence of FGM, HBV and FM in the UK amongst certain ethnicities
  • Increasing your ability to provide support and guidance to young people and adults

Furthermore, a former Sex offences, Exploitation and Child Abuse specialist investigator and FGM specific point of contact developed this course for the Metropolitan Police.

In addition to this, the course is CPD accredited by a team of safeguarding experts. Also, a personalised certificate will be made available to you on completion of the course.

Pass Completion: 70%

Resits: Unlimited

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