We recently received training from Milly on Challenging Behaviour and Restraint Training. Milly was a first class trainer. Throughout the course she was knowledable-particularly in regard to the law, friendly, a good communicator and made us all feel at ease to share real life experiences that bought the formal training to life. Milly has a calm approach based on her own real-life experiences, which, where possible, she was able to share. Milly also offered real world solutions to our real-life problems and situations which put us all at ease. The focus was definitely about conflict resolution but we were given simple techniques and protocols to follow should a situation escalate. Milly’s communication during the planning and subsequent follow up discussions has been second to none. Thank you, Milly-I cannot recommend her, or her company enough.

Dominic Barnes – Fairplay House Outdoor Education Centre

“They provided HSE with a professional, timely, and efficient service in the serving of legal documents on an individual.”

Health and Safety Executive Inspector

“An absolutely competent, efficient and reliable team, who perform their work – for foreigners also – with utmost friendliness and empathy.”

Welti, Germany

“A high quality, professional and efficient service. They achieve timely results and get the job done both in the UK and abroad.”

Frisby & Co Solicitors, Stafford, Staffordshire

“Greig is a very experienced investigator but equally a very approachable, personable and professional individual. Greig’s work was able to identify the risk and manage the risk as effectively as possible to the benefit of those individuals primarily and to the benefit of those agencies involved.”

East London MARAC Coordinator

We are finding your style of training amazing. Big thank you to our trainer and safeguarding officer Milly Wright-Wildish for a great weekend of training for all our dedicated team at Serenity Welfare. Truly an amazing professional approach. Thank you, Milly, for a very constructive professional training day.

Emily Aklan – CEO Serenity Welfare

“Thank you for a successful outcome, it was a relief to find a genuine, efficient and skilled private detective when there appear to be so many names to choose from.  I appreciated the quick responses and attention to detail. ”

John Hillman, London

This is just a quick message to let you know that the buzz amongst the staff after your sessions was palpable with many requests for ‘ more please!’. I am sure I will be hoping to book you again for training and for work with students.

Andrea Harvey – Head of Pastoral Care for St Angelas Ursuline School

They were the only team available at the weekend, they empathized with the situation I was in and reassured me of the steps I was trying to take. They were extremely knowledgeable and acted with complete professionalism throughout. They achieved what I wanted efficiently and with no fuss. The positive outcome relieved me of a lot of the stress that I had been under.”

K. Morley, England

“Best Practice Investigations offer a professional, timely and efficient service. They provided us with regular updates and presented their findings clearly. Thank you!”

Curzon Green Solicitors, High Wycombe

“Best Practice Investigations provided HSE with a professional, timely, and efficient service in the serving of legal documents on an individual. Brilliant.”

Health and Safety Executive Inspector

All safeguarding training is the same

Well I think all safeguarding training is the same! When it comes to safeguarding training there is lots of choice. There are webinars, online training modules and face-to-face. Some are CPD accredited, some are not. When looking at the online training, what is...

Internal investigations….. they are such a headache!

Are you managing your allegations properly? Legislation dictates that organisations that come into contact with children or adults with a vulnerability should have a managing allegations policy and procedure.  The latest release of Keeping Children Safe in Education...

Changes to KCSIE 2020 are you ready…11 weeks to go!

So, Keeping Children Safe in Education 2020 has been released.  The number of changes has been dramatically reduced due to Covid.  I anticipate KCSIE 2021 will have a considerable number of changes and the draft consultation document will give us a good guess of what...

The police are far too busy to look for missing kids!

Well yes, the police are very busy, particularly at the moment, but that does not mean any less effort is made to find the hundreds of young people that go missing every single day in the UK.  Every police force in the UK has a dedicated team of detectives and...

I could NEVER work with a sex offender!

Well, why not? Many, many people have worked with or alongside a sex offender knowingly or unknowingly. You could work in a school and one of the children has been convicted of a sex offence and is on the sex offenders register. You could work with apprentices or...

Charity Trustees…. essentially your essential

We have recently seen the creation of a number of new charities that support the NHS and families affected by Covid-19. Well-meaning individuals create charities to support children and adults with vulnerability and then rush to cobble together safeguarding policies...

Easing of lockdown ruined my life

By Milly Wildish – Director of safeguarding at Keys to safeguarding There are so many media reports detailing the impact of lockdown on mental health and indeed for many, health anxiety and depression have been exacerbated by restrictions on our movement and the worry...

He will be the death of me

On average there are 2 domestic homicides in the UK each week. From the start of lockdown, there has been on average 5 domestic homicides in the UK. To my knowledge, all of the 16 suspected domestic murders that occurred between 23 March and 12 April were of women. Is...

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