Deprivation of Liberties Safeguards (DoLS) AKA Liberty Protection Safeguards
This course is aimed at those working with adults who may be affected by issues relating to the Liberty Protection Safeguards. It will provide a practical understanding of the processes required for authorisation and will explore the practice and ethical issues around LPS on how to assess and advocate for those that it relates to.

The course includes:
• Have a working knowledge of the Mental Capacity Act, LPS processes and the subsequent implications on an individual’s human rights.
• Understand the roles and responsibilities within LPS processes.
• Understand the six assessments required for a standard authorisation.
• The Role of a ‘relevant person representative’ and ‘best interests assessor’
• Have knowledge around the ‘acid test’.
• Be able to apply their knowledge to practice issues.
• Have an understanding of what changes have been made to the DoLS legislation and the impact on organisations, including the transition into the new framework.
• The course has been created by the safeguarding lead for one of the only children ever to be subject to a DoLs in the UK.
• This course is CPD accredited

Pass Completion: 70%

Resits: Unlimited


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