Well, why not? Many, many people have worked with or alongside a sex offender knowingly or unknowingly. You could work in a school and one of the children has been convicted of a sex offence and is on the sex offenders register. You could work with apprentices or those funded to retrain due to unemployment. You could work with someone who is deemed rehabilitated under the rehabilitation of offender’s act. The fact is, once we have been punished for a crime, within certain restrictions we are entitled to get on with life. There are approximately 60,000 people on the sex offenders register and about 18 of them are children. This does not take into account many more will be on long term bail, or under investigation for a sex offence. All of these people are still entitled to an education and suitable employment.

So, how do we effectively work with a sex offender and develop an appropriate relationship to support them and keep ourselves safe. Manipulation is a common problem and we can inadvertently allow ourselves to discuss personal information about ourselves if we are not professionally cautious. The balancing act of not building a wall between you and the individual you are supporting, for fear of being manipulated and not being drawn in by an individual who uses well practised manipulation techniques, to elicit information you would not normally share needs to be carefully managed.

My online CPD accredited training ‘working effectively with those who have been convicted of a sexual offence’, provides learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to work effectively and safely with sex offenders.


Working with Sex Offenders